Shane Vaughn AKA Professor Toto

After his viral video concerning the stolen election of 2020, (over 10 million views) Pastor. Shane Vaughn who refused to close his church during the plandemic became known as Professor Toto (in the spirit of Toto on the Wizard of Oz who pulled the curtain back on the truth) as he educated our great republic concerning the United States Constitution and our true form of government. Hundreds of thousands of Patriots have followed his leadership and teachings as his education and inspiration have launched a nationwide movement known affectionately as Toto’s Army. Pastor Vaughn holds his Doctorate in Theology and serves as a full-time Pastor at First Harvest Ministries, Waveland, Ms and is seen live, nightly on various platforms. He is also the founder of the Patriots Buying Club, TAPs International, his rally known as Revival Of The Republic Rallys and Toto’s Home of Hope for men and boys seeking freedom from addiction.


  • How to Become Involved In Your Local Government
  • Conservative College in America 101
  • Madison’s Medication for the Sick Republic